​​Is there a cost to be an OWNER of CIC?
 NO!  Your participation in the contract generates the revenue from fees   paid by your distributor and the manufacturer, just like other GPOs.    So, every time you buy products off the contracts, you are investing in   YOUR GPO!

How much are the fees to the distributor and manufacturer?
 Both the distributor and manufacturer pay CIC 1% of every dollar   you generate.  On average, other GPO’s charge the manufacturer 3%   and the distributor 2%.

If I sign up, am I REQUIRED to buy off the contracts?
NO!  It is our job to negotiate aggressive contracts that make   participation the RIGHT thing for your facility!  You are not held to a   compliance percentage.  It is our job to give you contracts that makes   participation a great benefit.

How much of a “Patronage Dividend” can I expect to receive?
All profitability remaining after administrative costs are met are shared   based on contract participation.  For example: If your facility contributed   1.378% of the total contract volume, your dividend share would be   exactly 1.378% of all remaining funds.  Also, your dividend portion   accumulated during a particular year will be shared back to you within the   first quarter of the following year. 

Can I see some pricing?
Our contracts are not in place---YET!  That is intentional.  Before we sit   down to negotiate pricing with manufacturers, we want to build a good   base of member-owners to our roster—and that number will grow   constantly through our Distribution Partners.

When will you have contracts?
Our goal is to go live January 2017.  Based off our success to date, we   should be negotiating for 300 – 400 providers across the US.

If you have no contracts, why would I sign up now?
You aligning today means that you are authorizing CIC to aggregate your beds through our Member Owned structure for contract   negotiations.  The purpose of this strategy is to align the 5 keys BEFORE we negotiate.  It will yield much more aggressive contracts! You joining the program before negotiations gives us the ability to negotiate with your aggregated power in hand!

Independent Providers are in a war…And it is NOT a fair fight!!!

What is the catch?? 
 There REALLY is no catch!
This is a start-up GPO Program built to provide Independent and   Regional LTC providers with the increased value factors to negotiate  better contracts.

The creators of this initiative have spent their professional career serving facilities just like yours. 

 The truth is…
  …when you discover a way to bring value to an industry that rarely   sees positive change, shouldn’t you share that?   The only commitment from you is that you will JOIN US and allow us to work to offer YOU the same thing offered to larger providers!

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